Heartstone Pure Health Consulting

Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy 

Health and Wellness is your greatest investment. 


Consultations: In person, phone, or Skype

Sequential Treatment

The initial consultation takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. This time is spent reviewing any present concerns whether acute or chronic. We will also review your regimen (diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep). 


Follow up consultation every 8 weeks for up to 45 minutes. We will review any changes or reactions, questions or concerns, since the previous appointment. Advice/recommendations on regimen, and the next step in chronic disease treatment protocol.

Up to 45 Minutes $175.00

Acute Consultations:

Treatment of "one-time" consults for acute conditions, (e.g., cold/flu, strains/sprains, ear infections etc.)

$40.00/15 minutes


The cost of the Homeoprophylaxis program is $355 for the first child (including shipping), and $100 for up to 3 more children.

This includes:

     _Family Membership

– An initial appointment with parents and child (may be over the phone or Skype)

– the remedy kit (which has enough remedy doses for up to 4 children)

– phone and email support for the duration of the program (4 years) for issues directly related to Homeoprophylaxis.

The cost of Homeoprophylaxis for additional infectious diseases is $70.00 for the initial consultation and $20.00 for each remedy.